Requirements of the Artist, Writer or Composer/Songwriter:

  • Must be over 21
  • Applicants must show professional commitment to their craft and creative community through submitted resume and work samples. 
  • Please review our Inclusion and Diversity and Partnership information
  • Completion of a competitive application process
  • Collaborating artists may apply and be accepted as collaborating artists who share studio space and housing.  Each must submit an application.
  • Artist’s and writer’s and composer’s applications will be considered based on their work submitted, their interest in the program, and their proposed collaboration with a partnering organization if the opportunity is offered.
  • Selected artists/writers/composers will correspond with the Good Hart Artist Residency staff and nonprofit partners about logistics and arrangements.
  • Good Hart Artist Residency alumni are allowed to re-apply after a three-year hiatus from the program. Alumni seeking residency must submit a complete application including recent work samples and current resume.
  • Please review the program details section of our website for complete information on the residency. 

Timeline for 2021 Program - Writers and Composer/Songwriters only

  • The application deadline is February 17, 2021 (Please note that we are limiting the number of writer submissions to 40 applications to ensure a reasonable response time.  If we reach the limit prior to the deadline a notice will be posted on our website and Submittable.)
  • Notification of acceptance by phone or email in early April 2021
  • Commitment to the residency is due by April 15, 2021

Note to Visual Artist:

The next open call for visual artists will start in mid-November 2021 for available residency time slots in the spring and summer of 2022.  For the summer of 2021, we are rebooking residencies for selected artists that chose to do so.  We have one designated residency time slot for the artist that is selected through the  Elevating Diverse Voices – Curated Residency in partnership with Juana  Williams.  The two remaining spring/summer 2021 visual artist residency time slots will be filled by invitation.  Consideration will be given to candidates that have previously applied to our program.

 Your application must include:

  • Preference for dates of residency
  • Resume including related experience and website information
  • Statement of intent including a one or two paragraph project description outlining your purpose for the residency
  • Two references including contact information
  • Application fee of $25 dollars U.S.
  • Provide a brief summary of a proposed community event or workshop you would offer during your residency.  Please review the partner’s page carefully regarding the type of collaboration the partner is looking for with an artist, writer, or composer. Connecting with the local community is an important part of our program.  Once a candidate is selected they will work with the Good Hart Artist Residency and a nonprofit partner to better define a community event that works for all parties.
  • Writers must be currently working on a project.  Writers shall submit three to five pages of a work in progress and an excerpt of no more than ten pages of a completed work.  Samples of previously published work must include a  link to the published work or information for accessing the published work.  Projects may be in poetry, short stories, novels, essays, plays,  screenplays, and/or creative nonfiction.  Writing submissions must be in  English, please.
  • Composers shall submit three digital samples of your music, a live performance video (if you are a performing songwriter/composer), and links to online content.
  • Please note that we are limiting the number of writer submissions to 40 applications to ensure a reasonable response time.  If we reach the limit prior to the deadline a notice will be posted on our website and Submittable.

If you have any issues with the online application please contact us at

Good Hart Artist Residency